What are Financials Reports?

What are estimated taxes?

My income does not match my POS system. Help!

How do I categorize my business charges?

Let us take care of your bookkeeping to ensure that you’re freed up to focus on running your business & peace-of-mind that is done right.

How much should I pay myself?

I don’t have have time to do it all.


I've got to say, the traditional accounting industry? Not my cup of tea. Been there, done that. The endless hours, the dull atmosphere, the whole suit-and-tie scene? Seriously, who's got time for that 'all work and no play' mentality? Well, not me. One day, I had enough and bid farewell to my corporate accounting gig—for good!

These days, you'll find me collaborating with real estate agents, investors, contractors, and creative service providers like yourself. My team and I handle the daily bookkeeping tasks, allowing you to breathe a little easier. We work to streamline your bookkeeping, ensuring you understand your numbers and enjoy a stress-free tax season.

My mission? It's simple but powerful: to guide you in paying yourself consistently, to lighten the load when tax season rolls around, to give you confidence and clarity with your finances, and most importantly, to be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

Let's make financial management something to celebrate!

A little bit more about me:

-Married to my high school Sweetheart

-Military Family

-Mom of two amazing kiddos

-Long Distance Runner

-Books and tea are my go-to for relaxing


Accounting major with a minor in Business Administration, and QuickBooks Online expert, with over 12 years of field experience.

Our firm specializes in serving real estate agents, investors, contractors, marketing agencies, and photographers.

Here's how we can support your small business:

  • Precisely document your transactions, ensuring tidy, tax-ready financial records.
  • Implement job costing for your projects.
  • Provide detailed property income and expense reports.
  • Maintain a meticulous paper trail within QuickBooks Online.
  • Tailor reports to your needs, offering clear insights for informed decision-making.

our Services to support your growing business

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Quick Check

Our Quick Check assessment examines your bookkeeping to identify issues and opportunities.

Afterward, we offer a plan for improvement, including catch-up, cleanup, or ongoing services. You receive a detailed report with recommendations and can choose to address the findings independently or opt for our expert services.

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Clean-up & Catch-up Services

Have you struggled with DIY record-keeping? Our experts offer assistance with cleanup and catch-up projects, starting with a QuickCheck and strategy call to assess needs and outline processes.

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Ongoing bookkeeping weekly/Monthly/Quarterly

Our ongoing bookkeeping services provide a seamless solution for businesses seeking consistent and reliable financial management.

From day-to-day data entry to reconciling accounts, our comprehensive approach ensures the financial health of your business. Stay focused on your core operations while we handle the intricacies of ongoing bookkeeping,

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Payroll and 1099 Services

Our payroll and 1099 services offer efficient solutions for managing the workforce and independent contractors. We handle payroll processing, paycheck distribution, and 1099 reporting to ensure tax compliance, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

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Quickbooks online set up

Our QuickBooks Setup aims to simplify your life, ensuring that you can effortlessly interpret your financials and manage your records with ease.

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Quickbooks training and Consulting

Our QuickBooks Online training and consulting services offer a tailored and hands-on approach to empower you with the skills needed for proficient financial management.

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What you are going to get

Accurate. Personal. Dependable. Bookkeeping for hardworking small business owners.

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Benefits: Be confident in your numbers.

Promise: We save you time, money, and stress

Outcome: We help you catch up your bookkeeping so you’re ready for taxes, loans, or any other financial opportunity in your growing business.

DO-it-YOURSELF Bookkeeping

Designed for freelancers, side hustlers, and small businesses who are not

ready to outsource their bookkeeping responsibilities... yet.



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